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Welcome to Orthodontics Australia’s Request a Consultation page. Here, you can contact your preferred orthodontic practice and easily request a consultation with a registered specialist orthodontist. Fill out the contact form below and a staff member from your requested practice will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.
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What you can expect next
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You will receive an email confirming the details
that you’ve provided.
Step 2
A member of your selected practice will be in contact with you within 48 hours. If you haven’t had a response within three days, please contact the practice directly.
Step 3
You will receive an auto-generated email with a quick survey to ask about your experience.
Frequently asked questions
  • What can I do if I don’t hear from the orthodontist?
    You should have an email confirming your request and providing you with the contact details of the practice for you to make contact directly.
  • Can I make an appointment request on behalf of another person?
    Yes, you can make the request on behalf of a friend, partner, or family member. However, the practice may need to collect personal details prior to making the appointment or may need to contact them on the day of their appointment, so it is best to let the patient respond if they are able to do so.
  • How do I know if the orthodontist I contact is credible?
    This tool uses the most recent member details from the Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) database. You must be a qualified specialist orthodontist to be a member of the ASO and registered with AHPRA as a dental specialist, so you can feel confident in the qualifications of anyone who find through this tool.
  • I need extra help – who can I go to?
    You can contact the Australian Society of Orthodontists if you’re having any issues using this form or with your preferred provider.