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Dr Amanda Leen completed her dental degree at The University of Melbourne and spent 5 years as a dental office in the Australian Army before returning to study orthodontics full time for 3 years at the University of Melbourne.

After earning her doctorate in 2013 and registering as a specialist orthodontist, Amanda commenced private practice in Geelong in a group environment. Amanda also joined the orthodontic department at The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne and where she continues to treat complex cases, often in conjunction with surgeons and other dental specialists.

Amanda’s interests in orthodontics are digital orthodontics (particularly Invisalign clear aligners) and working on multi-disciplinary cases.

This led Amanda to start practice in Ballarat using only clear aligners in the rooms of Midwestern Dental Specialists.


Dr Wood is a local Geelong boy and was educated at The Geelong College. He completed his BDSc at Melbourne University and graduated in 1979.

From 1979 to 1981, Dr Wood practised Dentistry in Brandon Park, Mulgrave and in Bentleigh, Victoria. In 1981 he was accepted into his Masters Degree course in Orthodontics and graduated with Honours in 1983. In 1983, Andrew joined Dr Phil Black and worked with him until October of 1984, when he commenced work with Paul Buchholz, with whom he formed a partnership, which ended in 2006.

From January 2007 Dr Wood formed a partnership with Sergio Bobbera at Geelong & Colac Orthodontics in purpose-built rooms at 27-31 Myers Street.

Dr Wood is a family oriented man and has five children. He is heavily involved in sport and loves watching cricket an football. He swims regularly,works out at the gym and even enjoys aerobics and yoga. He also has acres of fruit trees and a huge vegetable garden with free range hens. He loves watching his children playing sport and looking after his 4 grandchildren. He is a fanatical Geelong supporter.


Dr Bobbera has been in Geelong since 1991 after being born and bred in Melbourne. And yes, he is a Demons supporter!

He was educated at St. Kevin's College and completed the BDSc at Melbourne University in 1983. He also completed his BSc (Pharmacology) at Melbourne University in 1985, whilst practising dentistry in Melbourne. In 1988, Dr Bobbera commenced his Masters Degree course in Orthodontics and graduated in 1989. He worked in several orthodontic practices in Melbourne before joining Dr Andrew Wood in 1991.

From January 2007, Dr Bobbera formed a partnership with Dr Wood at Geelong & Colac Orthodontics in purpose-built rooms at 27-31 Myers Street.

He enjoys doing things with his family, be it tennis, cycling, swimming, bushwalking or going to the footy and soccer.

“My professional aim is to offer my patients the best of care in a relaxing, friendly and fun environment.”