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Dr Fong has a Bachelor of Science from Canada, a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Hong Kong and a Master of Dental Science from the University of Sydney. She is currently an Honorary Clinical Tutor at the University of Sydney.

Practising orthodontics has been her childhood dream ever since her first treatment at 7 years of age. She experienced first hand what a difference a proud smile can make. Dr Fong says it is an honour and privilege to be a part of this process for her patients and seeing the joy on their faces at the completion of their journey.

Dr Fong's weakness is her love for food and wine, so she goes running only because she needs to!


Dr Mew Sum has worked in the Liverpool area since graduating from dentistry, from 1987 until 199. From 1991 to 1993 he completed his orthodontic specialist training, and has been an orthodontist in Liverpool and Carlingford since 1994.

Dr Mew Sum finds orthodontics challenging and rewarding and enjoys the personal experience of meeting and helping people.

He has two teenage children whom he loves spending time with as well as tennis, skiing, running, reading, watching TV and movies.