Dr Kevin Murphy

Dr Kevin Murphy is an AHPRA registered specialist orthodontist and ASO member



At Dianella Noranda Orthodontics, Dr Kevin Murphy is committed to providing a high standard of orthodontic service. His orthodontic practice is a friendly, caring and high-standard practice, using advanced dental and orthodontic technology to create healthy and beautiful smiles.

It uses a variety of current orthodontic braces and plate techniques to produce quality orthodontic treatment results in young children, adolescents, teens and adults. These orthodontic appliances and techniques range from self-ligating braces (Damon®, Inovation®, SPEED®, Click-It®), clear braces and Invisalign® ”invisible braces”. Dr Murphy is also an accredited Incognito® lingual braces specialist orthodontist for those patients that want the wonderful aesthetics of lingual braces (“inside braces” or “hidden braces”).

Dr Murphy is a highly qualified orthodontic specialist with over 20 years experience in building beautiful smiles, serving Perth and the surrounding areas of Western Australia.


Dianella Noranda Orthodontics

75 Camboon Rd, Noranda
Western Australia 6062
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